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Image by Matt Botsford

Featured In...

I’ve had some interviews, sharing my wisdom, opinions, and stellar energy all over the Internet. Below are some media platforms who've had the honor of my presence and melodious voice, far. 

How to Easily Connect with Your Spirit Guides with ChaChanna

In this interview, Laura Bird and I share our experiences, stories and tips on connecting with angels, spirits and guides.

Click here to watch the episode.

The Woo Woo Experience: Following Your Impulses & Connecting With Your Guides

ChaChanna shares how she got started in the world of Spirituality and how she followed her heart to where she is now. 

Click here to hear the interview.

On the Cusp of Something Beautiful

ChaChanna is also a practicing witch and lover of all spiritual & energetic modalities.

Click here to hear the interview.

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