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Meet  ChaChanna

Hey there, I'm ChaChanna.


And I hail from The Great State of Connecticut. It’s great simply because I live here.


I’m a psychic, tarot reader, reiki & crystal practitioner, astrology obsessed, spiritual seeker, eternal student, and professional storyteller.


My decade-long spiritual journey has taken me from tarot to crystals to reiki to astrology to psychic mediumship and back again.


Each method I’ve learned has forever transformed my life, given me so much insight into who I am, and strengthened my confidence and abilities. 


Currently and forevermore, I am completely obsessed with learning everything about psychic abilities, magic, and astrology and adapting it to my needs to improve my life.


I intentionally live by the cycles of the heavens; follow the advice of my guides, even when I don’t want to; and perform psychic readings (don’t tell my family or friends, they’ll probably freak out)–all to positive results.


And now, I want to share all the spiritual, intuitive guidance from Spirit and astrology with you so you can live a happy, whole, and joyful life.


You ready?

The B Side of ChaChanna

  • I sometimes refer to myself as Empress ChaChanna, and it tickles me when people call me Empress.

  • My voice is melodious (singing and speaking).

  • Everyone in my immediate family has a minimum of two tattoos. Our motto is “a family who tattoos together stays together.” (It’s actually not. I totally just made that up.)

  • My mother and I are the only ones who enjoy watching scary movies so whenever one comes out in the theaters, we go see it. Just in case you’re wondering, I never watch them alone.

  • I love visiting historic homes. I'm just curious aka nosy about how other people lived and decorated their homes.

  • I love traveling. My last trip was to South Africa and my next adventure is in Peru.

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