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Mini Readings

Mini Readings are personalized psychic audio-recorded readings delivered to your inbox 48 hours after purchase.


It’s usually around 8-10 minutes of audio, and it can be quite amusing how the information comes through. Sometimes, it’s a song, and I am not afraid to sing. Other times, it can be like charades as I put the pieces together. But I record it all because even though I may not understand the message, it’s not about me. It’s about you. So you get it all. 

General Mini Reading

This is a conversation between me and your Spirit Squad (angels, guides, ancestors, etc.) that you get to eavesdrop on. I ask your guides what I need to know and then shut up–unless they say something that I don’t understand, then I have to ask clarifying questions–and record what I hear, sense, feel, touch, and smell.

Mini Reading w/ Question

Maybe you have a specific situation you want guidance on. I got you.

Birthday Mini Reading

Treat yourself, or maybe have someone treat you, to a birthday reading. This is a psychic reading where I connect with your guides to deliver information on your next trip around the Sun.

"Oh my! ChaChanna! What a mini guidance reading!

The first bit... about my Dog.... it’s uncannily accurate. I do worry about my wee dog and who in my family she will live with if anything happens to me. 


When you relayed her message to me... it was exactly what I needed to hear. You described exactly how she has been lately.  Snuggling into me while we sit on the sofa.


Cannot thank you enough for that wee insight from her!

The high alert ..... only when you said it did I realize that is exactly how I've been functioning since spring of this year.

I'm constantly on high alert. It's draining! 


So I shall do what was suggested by your guides.

And "The keep looking up to the sky" message,

It fits in with so many parts of my life and I shall definitely spend more time 'looking up to the sky.'

Your reading was insightful, comforting and exactly what I needed to hear. 


Thank you so much.

Still can't get over the message from my wee dog.💗


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